Completely nuts!


Train Valley • Complete 50% of any level at speed x4

Well, it finally happened. I pulled the pin on my beautiful Project Scorpio Edition today, and took it back to the shop for an exchange. The original purchase date on it was 7 November 2017, and after changing orientations, cleaning all the vents and even trying some airflow changes, the Xbox still shut itself down citing overheating. It was time. So, I now have myself a new One X under the TV, and have loaded on most of what I lost (thank God for an external HDD). What I didn’t have time for after all that, was more RDR2, and so I fired up the PC to see what I could find.


It’s kind of funny, but the thing that prompted me to download Train Valley actually happened on the way home from the Xbox exchange. On the drive home, I encountered a level crossing and had to wait a few minutes for the train to pass. As it did, I remember the reasonably OK time I had with Train Simulator, and for a moment I thought about being one of ‘those people’ who has a full setup on their desktop and who wore a little train driver’s hat. Well, it was a fleeting sensation, but I was nonetheless in the mood for something ‘train’y’ when I got in front of my PC, and rather than wait all afternoon for Train Simulator to download, 500MB taste of Train Valley was almost too hard to pass up. As such, I was up-and-running fairly quickly on this economic-come-puzzle game that thrives on good building and time management skills. Think a highly visualised version of Mini Metro (a terrible analogy).

This was more of an accidental achievement as a result of just trying to kick things along a bit in the levels, but I suspect there’s a few other quick wins to be had here. Even in my apathy, I could see that there were opportunities for me to improve my tactics, and so I feel like I can get a good battle rhythm going next time around.

Tonight, I’m angling for an early night, but there’s a few mobile games that I’ve recently loaded that could be good for a quick pre-sleep fix.

And trust me, once my head hits the pillow …it’s going to be very quick.


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