Which way is up?

ONRUSH • Performed a ‘VOMIT COMET’ action • 15G • 4.00% of gamers unlocked this

I felt like I needed to take another look at Game Pass and see what titles had been added since I last looked, and ONRUSH (and all its awful stylistic capitalisation) seemed like a good choice on account of its racing theme, and Codemasters pedigree.

I love games that throw achievements at you, and ONRUSH certainly gives you a couple of spoonfuls in the tutorial, so I loved this game within the first few minutes. That being said, it is still, fundamentally, a racing game – with a degree of variety that pales in comparison to something like Forza, and so while I’m glad I can load-up on achievements quickly, there’s not heaps of enticement to keep coming back for more.

Even less when you have something like RDR2 sitting in your library.


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