Red Dead Redemption 2 • You completed ‘Red Dead Redemption’ • 30G • 19.26% of gamers unlocked this

Finally. Finally. I’ve reached the end of the ‘main’ story. Yes, I know there’s a few epilogue’s to go … but I’m satisfied getting this far. It feels like I’ve now opened up the game to be able to enjoy the beginning of the end … or the end of the beginning … either way, it’s a nice way to lead into the original game … and if I’m perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind diving back into the main story – if only I hadn’t already earned all my achievements!

Today also marks the return of the internet to my house, which brings me no end of unbridled pleasure. I’ve already gotten into the rhythm of updating everything and giving my PC a warm embrace as it sucks down gigabytes of data it has been missing the past few days.

What I am missing though, is a decent Steam Sale. I feel like I’ve either gotten more stingy with money or the companies are just not cutting as much as they used to – but either way, I haven’t found any good discounts among the game companies – including Valve, Xbox and GOG – who have recently had sales. The closest has been EB Games, who are doing good deals, but none to warrant me making a special trip to a store to buy something.

Anyway, who needs the grinch. You have one right here!