Red Dead Redemption 2 (2)

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I actually broke ground on the Epilogue Part II tonight, but there was no achievement unlock for it, so I don’t know whether I did things in the wrong order, whether there’s simply no achievement for it, or if there’s a glitch. In any event, it seemed like I only had to do one thing – open my player menu – in Red Dead Online before I unlocked the first achievement from the online side … so after an hour and a half tidying up John Marston’s time as a farm-hand, I ventured into Blackwater and did what the menu told me to do.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Once again, I’ve left my gaming far too late in the evening – well, there’s that, plus the achievements aren’t exactly flowing at this late stage in the game, which is all part of the fun of the challenge I guess. Tomorrow is the beginning of a much-needed weekend, so I’m hoping that I polish off the main story sometime over the next few days, and then can move to achievement cleanup and … hopefully … maybe even another game?

Or, heck, even a sleep might be nice?