The 2017-2018 Challenge

In 2013, I first had the idea to take my passion for gaming and earn an Xbox achievement every day. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but that challenge became a PlayStation or an Xbox Achievement everyday, and then I added Steam Achievements to the list, and then iOS Game Centre Achievements, until the whole thing became a farce in-and-of itself.

So, this page, its Twitter account, and the idea lay dormant for a few years, until early 2017 when I started making a few entries on my personal blog with the simple tag, #AchievementADay. After going at it consistently for a few months, I felt like re-committing to the challenge

Starting 1 July 2017, I earned at least one Xbox Achievement, everyday, from across the Xbox console, PC and mobile gaming library. The idea was to continue the challenge for at least a year, and then re-evaluate whether to keep going or try something new (or do nothing at all!).

Importantly, this was never a record attempt. If anything, I start several years behind Psyonix Studio VP Jeremy Dunham, who notoriously/ chases an Xbox Achievement and a PlayStation trophy every day himself.

This challenge served as nothing more than a creative outlet to talk about gaming achievements and the passion of the hunt.

2018 and Beyond

While I loved, loved earning an Xbox achievement every day – I often did so at the expense of some other great games. While I did occasionally chronicle my non-Xbox achievements, sometimes the challenge took me away from other gaming opportunities, and so I made the decision from 1 July 2018 to broaden my horizons, and continue the challenge with ‘any’ gaming achievement in mind.

The view here was not necessarily to make it easy on myself, but rather to chronicle the vast majority of games I like to play – and to also open up to other gaming experiences not otherwise available on Xbox. Already, this has allowed me to flexibility to earn achievements like the Platinum Trophy for God of War on PlayStation, through to other eclectic choices such as the ‘Achievement Hunter’ series. They are both very different experiences, neither of which I would have been able to document had I continued my limited Xbox scope.


It was finally after managing to convince my family to come along to the inaugural Melbourne Esports Open that we brainstormed ways for me to expand my gaming footprint to better create content and expand beyond simply ‘achievements’.

I had been raving on for many, many years about making Melbourne the ‘Home of Esport’ (long before they used the tagline for the event), and only a day before they announced the MEO, Sydney had gone and purpose-built an Esports Stadium. I was lamenting to the Minister’s Office that we had – for-want-of-a-better-phrase –

‘missed out’.

Of course, this is all history now, but the point that I’m trying to make is that I am a long-time fan of esport, and we were trying to find ways to broaden my ‘hobby’ to incorporate ‘a bit of everything’.

It didn’t take long for my wife to come up with a fairly simple moniker: MultiplayerDad. On the drive home from MEO, she had setup my Instagram account, and was starting to post some pictures from the day to the account. I grabbed the Twitter Handle and Facebook URL once I got home, and we started to bring together a lot of the content that I’d made over the years.

After that, I aimed to post a little ‘something’ about gaming every day – a bit like Achievement a Day, but … well … broader.

And so, you are all caught up! I’ll aim to update this page from time-to-time if-and-when things change.