Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Asphyxia • Roberta tells a chilling horror story

The game I was trying to think of yesterday was Victor Vran, which is the quasi-Diablo III knock-off, but it seems like my cursory look at the achievement list means I might have been optimistic grabbing one today. I’ll get something I’m sure, but the nearest achievement looks to be getting to level 10, so my twenty minutes of playtime and reaching level 2 this morning indicates to me I have a bit more work to do.

In the meantime, there’s visual novels.

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I didn’t realise how close I was to 100%’ing Asphyxia, considering out of the three achievements I had left, one of the playthrough gives you two and then it’s just another ten minute (if that) whip-through to completion. The same situation as last time, skip all dialogue and use a guide, but if it wasn’t for my out-and-out honesty, you’d never actually know.

Curse my ethics.

I want to make a bit of a final push in the story mode of Destiny 2 on my Xbox Account over the next few days, as I’ve started in on the Barons and I’m hovering in the early 40s level-wise … and I have a few 500’ish weapons willing me ‘over the line’ in terms of light level. I certainly didn’t have any problems last night playing Destiny 2, and – after a while – you begin to forget about the gorgeous graphics on PC and just settle in for the ride.

Maybe the universe is telling me to get a new TV?


Confessions of an English Opium Eater

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Asphyxia • De Quincey confides in Samantha

I feel like Fridays are a good day for some Japanese Visual Novel gaming. There’s something about the slow pressure of everything that is, or was, due the past week needing to be done before you go home, but at the same time, there’s elements of set-and-forget in VN’s that really appeal to the overlap between my sense of wanting to play games, and my needing to do ‘actual’ work.

Some confessions: yes, I’m using a guide to work my way through the multiple endings of this game, and yes, I’m using auto/skip mode. This is nothing more than an achievement harvest for me – and I make no apologies for it. For purists, I promise you, I have a whole swag of achievements ready to pop on Forza Horizon 2 and 3 tonight (I didn’t realise how close I was for some achievements of FH2 until I looked at the ‘Forza Hub’ App this morning), and I have plenty of indie games kicking around if you really, really need something ‘more’.

But, this is my blog – my challenge. And, as I say, no apologies.

In other gaming news, my usual coffee lady discovered that I had a passion for esports, and introduced me to her husband who I’m led to believe has a stake in the Direwolves. I had to hover between being commercially envious, and simultaneously excited about the opportunities that someone with the same level of passion and enthusiasm for gaming as me had. Like a giddy fan, I left him my name, email and number – but I feel like he’s in the same position as me … ready to make the leap but not quite sure where the market lies and how to go about it.

Time will tell how this plays out.

In the meantime … there’s some Japanese Visual Novels to play … well, read … well, turn on and start, anyway …

Kill Boxer 01


BanHammer • Kill Boxer 01

This post didn’t publish properly for some reason … I have tried again.

Time for something a bit different today after a lengthy stint of Spider-Man (which I haven’t finished yet, but I’m working on it!), I lashed out with something a bit different today, seeking out a smaller title in my Steam library in the way of BanHammer.


The premise seems to be ‘kill poachers’ + ‘save the animals’, but I think it’s going to take a bit more game time before I fully appreciate the nuance associated with BanHammer. In either event, I made my way to what looked to be the ‘easiest’ of the ‘big bosses’ and pretty much just laid into him with my automatic weapons. One dead boss.

If only ending poaching in the real world was this easy.

Goodbye, cruel world


King Arthur’s Gold • Commit suicide

I’m fairly philosophically opposed to suicide, and I’ve been fairly vigilant about avoiding the topic as a trigger since my own brush with anxiety and depression, but I think the ‘subject’ versus the ‘action’ remain quite different, and I’m not so debilitated that I cannot look at the concept objectively.

This act of ‘suicide’ however, is far from what this achievement is for. This is, essentially, a reset – the same that LittleBigPlanet requires you to do as early as the tutorial, and involves little more than having your player character pick things back up where they left off at the last checkpoint. The function itself is likely to be used for instances where you are stuck or cannot progress through the story without backtracking a bit, but for today – it was more a case of my lunch-break rapidly about to run-out and I hadn’t yet earned an achievement in King Arthur’s Gold.

With any luck, I might have a chance to play some more Spider-Man tonight and grab another trophy. If I haven’t fallen asleep out of sheer exhaustion first.

Well Practiced


Battle Chef Brigade • Win the practice match against Thrash

They say the night is darkest before the dawn, so I’m hoping that today’s pit of misery is over. I summarised my joy(!) yesterday of trying to wrangle a sick household, but overnight didn’t get much better, so I’ve been spending much of my day with the world’s worst headache … akin to a shocking hangover without the joy of having a drink.


I actually managed to spend some time playing Spider-Man today, and while I thought that I made good progress, it obviously wasn’t enough to trigger a trophy. So, I jumped onto Steam to see what I could get from any of my games and somewhere along the way I had downloaded this game: Battle Chef Brigade.


This is essentially a progress achievement for completing the first tutorial ‘battle’, but boy there’s a lot to unpack in this game. Go hunt for ingredients, then cook them, stir them, then serve them up. All those individual elements have mechanics of their own which I suspect require some mastery as well, but it’s a bizarre concept that I guess will take a bit more time to learn, but for now – I’m satisfied just having learned the basics.

A Place where there is No Darkness


Orwell • Complete Episode Two

I have had a hell of a day. To cut a long-story short:

  • Both kids up at 3am
  • One kid very sick
  • One kid in peak tantrum mode all … day …
  • One wife now very sick
  • Father-in-Law air-lifted to hospital with chest pain
  • Mother-in-Law staying with us while FIL on-the-mend
  • Sick kid just had a major bowel evacuation that required … cleanup.


So, this afternoon during a quiet patch I headed back to Orwell. It seemed less time-sensitive than other games, and there was no risk of being ‘logged off’ (think: Destiny 2), so I fired it up, and when there was a chance, I did a bit of data-mining to see what I could find. Turns out – I saved a whole bunch of people from another explosion.

I feel like that level of effort is appropriate for a day like today.


Even after a month off, I still feel like the drip-feed of narrative offered by Orwell hasn’t left me wondering what’s going on. If I’m honest, there’s probably a few main characters that I need to be reminded of, but the interface of Orwell gives you enough information to jog-your-memory that it’s not an insurmountable barrier.

And so, the journey continues. I have half-a-mind to jump into a Gambit match or two in Destiny 2 before bed just to unwind, but that 3am start … well, boy … it’s a killer.

New Power


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition • Learned first ability • 5G • 45.68% of gamers unlocked this

I actually have an overwhelming craving to play Destiny 2 tonight, but a challenge is a challenge is a challenge, and so achievements must come first. My TV has been hijacked by my in-laws tonight who are watching the Collingwood Magpies vs. Richmond Tigers AFL game … which is fine with me, it gives me some quiet time with my PC – which I’ve missed over the past fortnight, and – well, gosh you’ll get me all emotional.

Steam was updating when I turned the computer on, as was, so I went with a Windows 10 game in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, that I thought I’d already started, but I think, from memory, it must have kept crashing on launch, so I never got to the point where I could save. Whatever the case, this time I managed to get a bit of gameplay, and story in – and far enough in to be able to get an achievement, but not too long as to impact on some Destiny 2 time.


From what I understand, the story in the Pocket Edition is exactly the same, but the graphics are toned right down and everything is made much ‘simpler’. Whatever the difference, many, many more games should take this approach. I will always, always take the narrative of a game over complicated mechanics, and for something with a high barrier-to-entry like Final Fantasy, this is perfect. I can see a lot of other games thriving in this model, but at the same time – people are dumb, and it’s highly likely not enough people bought the Pocket Edition to make it worthwhile. Speculation, to be sure, but I think it’s fairly accurate.

I hope to play a little bit more when Destiny 2 inevitably reaches a bit of a lull, but right now it’s almost fever-pitch, with a lot of people having finished the campaign, and working through the revamped end-game. Speaking of which … have I mentioned I’m playing some Destiny 2 tonight …?