Bounty: Lagomorph of Caerbannog


Clicker Heroes • Defeat Lagomorph of Caerbannog

In the 298 hours I have on-record for Clicker Heroes on Steam, I have never been able to break through the psychological barrier of Level 1000. Much like achieving 666 of every item in AdVenture Capitalist, this is a long, slow burn that experienced people could probably smash through quickly, but most people – like me – are probably going to struggle with as they ‘learn the ropes’ of the game, clicker mechanics, heroes, gilding, and levelling return-on-investment.


Well, today I broke clean through level 1000, and I am now onward and upward towards my next stop. From what I can tell on my achievement list, level 1000 – and the Lagomorph of Caerbannog – appear to be the last of the ‘bounty’ achievements, with the next cab-off-the-rank coming at zone 1200 for the ‘Zone Pwn’ achievement.

The Monty Python reference in this boss, or achievement name, hasn’t escaped me either. Lagomorph – or rabbit – of Caerbannog, is a nice play on the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The team at Playsaurus get two thumbs up for that alone.

Life should – touch wood – return a little more to normal now, so I look forward to a bit of standard gaming tomorrow … of course, now the problem is what to play. I have ended up in the (un)enviable position of too many games and no idea what to start, so life could take me anywhere.

Watch this space.


Soul Trader


Clicker Heroes • Complete 100 Soul Quests

Physically, I am absolutely spent – which is amazing since I’ve actually got a week off personal training, and I have really just spent my day going from one screen to another – but in the meantime, I managed to set my heroes off on some quests between meetings, and – without even looking at the achievement list – this achievement popped on one of the ones I collected.

More importantly, revisiting Clicker Heroes prompted me to check in on Clicker Heroes 2 – and it has a release date! And it’s next week! Well, July 18 to be precise, so given that it’s probably US-time, I’m guessing it’ll be the week after Australia-time, but I have patience … perhaps not by the bucket load, but I can appreciate how much sweeter it will be with a bit of a wait.

Tonight is either going to be an early night or a bit more God of War … now with one hundred percent less Valkyrie Queen! After a solid two hours (yes, really) of battle last night, I finally ripped the wings off the most frustrating antagonist in the whole game. It felt so very, very good. And, if I’m honest, it still feels good. This must be the hint of euphoria that people who ‘get’ Dark Souls feel when they beat a big boss.

I figure that feeling may serve me well when I finally get back into Bloodborne.



Clicker Heroes • Ascend the world 50 times

Wow, those screenshots are really fuzzy … but they are at least some small recognition of a fairly solid achievement in my Clicker career. Fifty ascensions in Clicker Heroes … I feel like I’ve graduated from ‘amateur’ to at least ‘second-pick draftee’ … but it’s probably a bit hard to gauge without a rarity meter.

If anything, the fact that I was halfway to this goal about two weeks ago should give some indication as to the dedication I’ve put in to this achievement, and while it’s probably not the hardest thing in the world – I do feel like it pretty much symbolises the achievement hunting journey. The sacrifice of not earning other achievements – the dedication of even turning the computer on and using its power to run this particular game in Steam … it’s all fairly benign stuff – and, to be honest, it doesn’t do a lot for dispelling the image of an overweight nerd getting excited about ridiculous online goals – but it’s what makes achievement hunting fun … and I’ll assume that, because you’re reading a gaming blog setup to talk about my pursuit of achievements, that you’re not all together disinterested yourself!


I’d like to spend a bit more time pursuing my other clicker progress, but I’ve found that they just don’t ‘grab’ as well as Clicker Heroes. Sure, Ragnarok Clicker is pretty much a Clicker Heroes clone … but I suspect that a lengthy lead-time and understanding of the latter has gone a long way towards my advancement in one title over the other.

Now … if only I could hurry up the arrival of Clicker Heroes 2

Master of Reincarnation


Clicker Heroes • Ascend the world 25 times

I have been running Clicker Heroes quietly in the background of my day job for a while now, but I actually reached two milestones today that I thought would be cause for a blog entry.

The first one is the titular achievement for ascending the world 25 times. I feel like that I’ve gotten into a good rhythm for ascending … capping out just before I get to the hero Atlas, and levelling up as many of my heroes as I can in pursuit of damage-boosting Hero Souls. The process is actually quite quick now, with my DPS letting me rapidly ascend levels to get to the higher-yielding boss battles that let me get Amenhotep to Level 150 and buy the ascension. All-in-all, a twenty minute job … and that’s if I’m not paying attention.

Which leads me to my second achievement …


Killing Doppler, the Robot. In reality, it’s the achievement for hitting Level 500 … which I set as my psychological benchmark for this latest ascension. It actually took me a couple of days to balance out my boosts and my DPS to be able to smash through it, but as the climb edged closer to 500, I sensed that it would be an easy fight once I got there. Sure enough, by the time I confronted Doppler, it was a few clicks and he was gone.

That was enough for that ascension so I’ve reset and I’m back on the path towards my next achievement. From what I can tell, the next achievement on my journey should fall around Level 600, but the climb to 500 in this latest round leads me to believe that the next 100 levels might take a little bit longer than one would suggest.

Still, sitting around lamenting the effort results in no progress on the journey. Onward and upward.

Click, click, click.

Running Late


Clicker Heroes • Complete 50 Five Minute Quests

It’s been a while since I’ve revisited my clickers – and the gap is definitely felt. Well, by felt, I mean noticeable, thanks to a healthy gaming approach to making me money regardless of whether I’m actually there to control where the money goes. It’s nice to be able to log on after a few days (or weeks, or months, etc.) absence and still have progress carry-over, and Clicker Heroes, as one of the OG clickers, does it beautifully.

Today’s achievement comes from having completed fifty five-minute quests. For the most part, I’ve leaned-in very heavily to the ‘gold’ quests, in anticipation of using the money to upgrade my heroes so that I can get further, faster. As it turns out, there’s a limit to that speed, and so I tend to end up around level 200 and end up ascending ready to get to the next level faster and stronger.


Am I ‘doing’ it right though? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself, because it seems like that while the souls I get from ascending let me improve my damage capability – and therefore the speed at which I level – I’m still capping out around the same level each time. Part of this, I suspect, is patience, as in I’m not prepared to wait on that level long enough to power up enough to pass it, but it’s also likely to be a marketing goal to get people roughly to the same point each time and make the next leap incredibly difficult so that they buy a little boost or spend some money on a hero, and then get through until the next overly-difficult boss.

Right now, it’s all hypothesis and hyperbole though, and I suspect that we’ll never know, or certainly not until PC Power Plan do a ‘behind the scenes’ and interview random people from their studios and ask other outlets if they tracked demographics and buyer behaviour.

We can take a pretty educated guess though.

And that guess is, yes, we’re all dirty consumers who need to be encouraged to spend our money on microtransactions.

Boss Murderer


Clicker Heroes • Kill 10,000 bosses

Another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust.

10,000. Ten. Thousand. By anybody’s definition, I’d argue that’s a not-insignificant number of kills for a game that thrives on continuous progress through an army of endless enemies looking to take you and your mouse pointer on for a good time, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

It feels like a long time since I had a go at Clicker Heroes. In truth, it’s been less than a week, but I’ve had quite a few distractions more broadly on-my-mind: a holiday away, doing chores, calling past the supermarket on the way home, those little things that all contribute to a happy, healthy home. Combine that with a bit of a busy period at work, my lunchbreaks have been short, sharp, and often at my desk … so some time to get in a quick gaming fix has been limited.

Not today though. Today, I darn well made the time.

Today was actually an achievement that required a bit of work. Nothing an onerous as having to click, but balancing out progress versus income versus trying to knock as many bosses over in one sitting versus … well, you get the idea. Needless to say, that it took some time and monitoring of the game’s progress as it went from about 3,000 boss kills at the start of the day, through to the golden 10k needed to unlock this achivement. I am certain some die hard fans will be none-too-pleased with me with my approach of farming bosses for an hour or so, but as much as camping is a genuine strategy, as too is farming. Plus, who the heck wants to play long enough to get 10,000 bosses through normal gameplay?

One thing I haven’t worked out is whether achievements in Clicker Heroes give you any initial perks. For example, in Ragnarok Clicker, earning a specific in-game achievement is usually tied to increased DPS or clicks, though Clicker Heroes seemed to just reward you with the achievement and then carry on with business as usual.

I guess we’ll always have hero souls.

I’m about to wind-down for the weekend, and play something frivolous tonight for my Xbox achievement. I’m not sure what I’ll run with yet, but this morning I was in the mood for racing, and now I’m in the mood for Batman … so it could be something entirely different by this evening. Time will tell. At least I can safely say that it won’t be the new Avengers on the top of my list.

Is this real life?


Clicker Heroes • Ascend the world 10 times

I feel like I might need to rename this blog Clicker Achievement a Day but no doubt that there is little difference between this and any other game that you get ‘on a roll’ with. I decided to abandon my post-transcending run to clean up some of the more mainstream achievements first, including today’s effort which required me to transcend three times to unlock this achievement.

I can’t quite pinpoint what the buff is that gives me greater damage, particularly in the DPS stats, but I have little difficulty flying through many of the early levels now, even without much intervention. Gold comes more quickly, damage is higher, and now that I’ve worked out how to auto-advance, I’m only required to check-in on the progress once every hour or two.

As a result, I was able to fast track much of the ascension just to earn enough to be able to set Amenhotep’s level 150 ability up and pull the metaphorical trigger. Even at restart which would normally require me to build up a bit of a baseline before I could unlock the better DPS is gone … and what’s better, is that now I’ve completed this achievement, I’ve earned an additional bonus 1k click damage from the start!

I’ll make an effort to whip around some of my other clickers tomorrow just to check-in on them. I have no doubt that there’s plenty of gold, teeth, or whatever commodity is being harvested ready to collect and spend.

Or, if the mood grabs me, I might have a session transcending in those games as well!