Grand Master Librarian

The Wolf Among Us • Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 5 • 60G • 15.58% of gamers unlocked this

It’s done. It’s over. 1000G all for chipping away at what is arguably one of Telltale’s best-received series, and one that I absolutely adore. I feel good about having completed this before the sequel comes out, despite it being delayed – and I think using it as one of my go-to titles for Achievement a Day has actually helped me understand the story a bit better. For one, that ending has always left me a bit puzzled, but knowing who fits in where as I’ve gone through the story has been useful in understanding their role in the ‘bigger picture’.

The trick for this Book of Fables entry was, really, not doing what I’ve done for most of my gametime on this game and set the controller down and go silent for most of Bigby’s responses. To unlock this entry actually required Bigby to respond to Bloody Mary, and so when given the chance, I did, and less than five seconds later (and it did feel like a long five seconds) the sweet satisfying sound of an achievement unlocking plastered itself along the bottom of my screen.

I still have Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 to get through, considering that the sequel for that really is coming up soon, but for today – I’m going to take it easy, get a bit of housework done, and – perhaps most importantly – do a bit of electronic spring cleaning. I finally managed to get my PC to boot back into Windows as its default, and there is a not-insignificant array of titles on there that are begging to be played.

I can almost taste their willingness to be achievements in the new financial year.

Thanks Bigby. Thanks Snow. And thanks to the Telltale team for bringing this delightful story to life. I know that Netflix are about to bring Minecraft: Story Mode to the small screen, but I think this is a title much more willing for the TV treatment … the dark tones and the adult themes make for a far more interesting twist than something like Once Upon a Time.


Master Librarian

The Wolf Among Us • Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 4 • 60G • 9.24% of gamers unlocked this

And then there was one. I am literally a stone’s throw away from 100%’ing Fables that I’m in two minds as to whether it’s worth holding it over until tomorrow so that I can use it as a crown jewel in my achievement hunting (I’ve certainly been working on Wolfy for a long time!) or whether it’s worth just getting it over and done with tonight for the sake of moving on with my life.

If I’m perfectly honest, I think it’ll be the former. I have a bit of an itch to scratch in God of War tonight, having restarted it on my ‘classic’ PlayStation account – I have the urge to platinum something that actually requires a bit of effort, and God of War fills that void nicely.

This entry boiled down to one simple little oversight the first time I played. I failed to examine a pin cushion, which unlocks the entry for Briar Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty) in the Book of Fables, and so after sitting through an entire chapter of Beauty and the Beast begging me to help clear their debts, I made my way to the Pawn Shop and beelined straight for the pin cushion. A quick click and a look, and the job was done. Achievement today? Tick!

Journeyman Librarian

The Wolf Among Us • Unlocked all Book of Fables entry in Episode 3 • 60G • 4.75% of gamers unlocked this.

I had high hopes after the Xbox E3 press conference of knocking the rest of the achievements from Fables on-the-head, but time got away from me and I only managed to tidy up one of the episodes in the end. There was a bit more work involved in this episode than I thought on account of making some lazy choices the first time around. It’s not like it’s hard work, but it’s still work.

I don’t want to labour my thoughts about the Xbox press conference here, because I’ve already made some notes about my thoughts at Left Click Right, but following the conference, I did have a slight itch to play Fallout 4 and The Division.

Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited about what’s next in store for the Xbox service!

Apprentice Librarian

The Wolf Among Us • Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 2 • 60G • 6.31% of gamers unlocked this

It’s late. I’m tired. But I’ve done it. After two birthday parties today – a 5th and an 80th, I am absolutely spent. I am literally sitting on the couch ready to fall asleep, but I’m pushing through for the sake of getting this one last achievement!

This one is another of the Book of Fables ones. I had tried to grab a quick one from the Age of Empires, but seems like I made a tactical error and ended up getting wiped out by the computer AI, without any support from my fellow (again, AI) teammates. Well done, lads. Well done(!)

As it turns out, the guides online for The Wolf Among Us‘ Book of Fables entries aren’t actually as good as first thought. The IGN one only goes up to episode 2, and the rest of the internet does a good job of transposing the entries, but little else. With a bit of master-level detective work, I was able to work out which one I needed (Bluebeard’s Mercy) and how to get it … but it seems like the art of a good gaming FAQ is dead.

Anyway, I got it done. I am a legend in my own lunchbox, and quite clearly a bit delirious for fatigue. Time to call it a night, I think!

Novice Librarian

The Wolf Among Us • Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 1 • 60G • 8.29% of gamers unlocked this

I didn’t mean for this to be my grab-an-achievement-early-so-you’re-done-for-the-day achievement. If anything, I’m a weak man who hates the thought of an unfinished game on his achievement list, particularly when a 100% completion is so easily within grasp.

Today I finished off Episode 1, which – thanks to IGN – led me to replay the early battle scene with Gren. All it took for me is to not rip his arm clean from his body to grab this entry, and grab a (surprising) 60G towards my gamer score. It’s a good game to play when you have a time limit and a goal to achieve, so I’ll likely be working on getting this game over the line in the next few weeks, but less so on days where I’ve got some time and flexibility to game …

… even if those days are increasingly few and far between!

Happily Ever After

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Episode 5: Cry Wolf • 40G • 34.57% of gamers unlocked this

It’s done. An afternoon off to finish The Wolf Among Us means that I can finally tick Bigby and Co. off my to-do list.

Or can I?

It turns out that I’ve essentially missed one ‘Book of Fables’ character from each of the episodes, so there’ll be a little bit of back-and-forth between the chapters to do before I can comfortably put down ‘100% Completion’ on this one – much to my chagrin – but I feel like this is just a good guide away from completion, so now the battle comes down to finding the time to actually do it.

This is such a strong episode to end the season on. The delightful appearance of the Big Bad Wolf, the ultimate final battle against Annie and, later, the confrontation with the Crooked Man … all boiling down to a delightful ‘trial’ in the basement of the Woodlands where you can expect to get comfortably roasted for 10-15 minutes by everyone that you’ve annoyed along the way. Good times.

I am very very keen to see where they take the story for season two. There’s plenty of fairy tales to draw from, but there’s also some world building I’d love to see. For instance: What happens on ‘The Farm’?

Let’s wait and see …

This House of Straw

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 5 • 20G • 35.77% of gamers unlocked this

This is good organisation by me, as I’m absolutely going to have a full head by the end of the day – and running on very limited sleep and with a backlog of TV to get through, I’m probably going to be pressed to get any TV gaming in tonight, which I guess is why I’m loving my recent return to the Vita. I’ve been half-contemplating a purchase of a Nintendo DS (any version) to sure-up my handheld gaming repertoire, but while Nintendo lack a proper achievement system and the ability to share content fluidly, I’m still a few steps away from making an actual purchase. If anything, I hope that Nintendo might have revived handheld gaming enough to warrant a new Vita, but I suspect that mobile gaming has pretty much killed-off any opportunity for another dedicated handheld in the short term.

One can dream.

This scene of The Wolf Among Us actually requires minimal input, but golly gosh darn if it isn’t a whole lot of fun. Running through the Fables’ New York as the Big Bad Wolf is as thrilling as it sounds – and that’s only requiring the occasional stick-flick to dodge cars and climb walls.

While I remember the ending of Wolfy, there is some interlude to still happen in this episode which I feel like is going to wrap up quickly over the course of this week. I still have a full day in Sydney on Friday for the Intel Extreme Masters, so I’m on the hunt for one quick achievement to earn as part of my likely 4am wake-up, but I guess 20 minutes of something Telltale is doable if I get up and organised early enough.

Watch this space.