For the Puppies.

Beginner Winner! — December 3, 2018

Beginner Winner!


Quick Tic-Tac-Toe • Completed 10 games

I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I am that I am so close to finishing the ‘main’ part of RDR2 that I couldn’t land it before midnight, and so while in the middle of the last mission I had to pause it and grab a quick-and-easy achievement on iOS. I am quietly optimistic that there’ll be an RDR2 achievement tomorrow though, so that’s something.

Let’s not get too carried away. This is a fairly basic achievement for a fairly basic level of effort. After already having a few games up my sleeve, it really was a case of smashing out five or six games quickly – Win, Lose or Draw.

And I did a little from all three.

Did I mention tomorrow is a Red Dead achievement? Mega-hype!

4 Move Win! — December 2, 2018

4 Move Win!

Quick Tic-Tac-Toe • Won a game in 4 moves

There’s something quite cathartic about noughts and crosses … but there’s also a sense of relief that comes with being able to earn an achievement while your internet is out for three days (technician scheduled for Tuesday).

This one was fairly simple, and it goes to my default noughts and crosses tactic of the ‘L’ shaped manoeuvre. I’m not going to beat around the bush … it’s an unstoppable tactic, and when even the computer AI struggles, you get a great sense of accomplishment.

Without the internet, I haven’t played a heap of my consoles today, so it’s another win for iOS.

Golly Gosh! — November 9, 2018

Golly Gosh!

Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game • Popped 500 Balloons in a single game • 10 points

I love Rick and Morty. For a long time, I actually only knew about them as a vague pop culture phenomenon in the same style as South Park or Family Guy, but when I dedicated a bit of time to watching it, I really loved it and now I’m no longer left in the nerd wilderness when it comes to certain Rick and Morty memes or phrases.

This game, however, eludes me.

I’m not sure if there was an episode I missed where Jerry was playing this game, or if he designed this game, and it’s quite possible that in watching the entire series thus far back-to-back that I have glossed over some of the smaller details seeded in the episodes, but I’m really not sure how this fits into the overall universe. It’s possible it doesn’t, and this is just a random play on the character of Jerry, which actually makes a lot of sense, but I just wasn’t sure where this landed in terms of context.

Not that it really matters I suppose, because, at the end of the day, this is a game where you pop balloons … and not much more. I can see where the appeal lies in this game because it has some stretch goal achievements built into it, but I figured 500 balloons is probably enough for one lunch break.

Tonight is likely to be more Red Dead, but I’m starting to see some movement in the Hitman space as well, so if that’s dropped, then I’m going to sink some time into that as well this weekend … in among a whole heap of other ‘flurry’ that’s happening. Least of which is a Christmas parade which my family is looking forward to, whereas I could see myself using that time more effectively in smashing through the RDR2 campaign … all part of the journey of life, I guess.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

500 Taps — September 19, 2018

500 Taps

The Ultimate No Life Test • You tapped 500 times. Nice!

Sometimes, it’s not the achievements themselves that make the story, but the pursuit of them. If I told you I was frantically tapping my phone at 11.59pm to get to the magical 500 taps, would you judge me? Would your opinion change if I told you I was in a McDonalds drive through after a 5 hour flight home where I threw up in the plane no less than three times?

Yeah. It’s been one of those days.

My belated post is as a result of driving. I was keen to get the achievement, but I am able to make a concession on the blog post (as I’ve done before). The thing is, I can’t begin to explain how my Bali belly and that God-awful flight home nearly derailed this challenge all together. My flight out of Indonesia was around 3pm, already then I had spent some time in the bathrooms trying to vomit up whatever was causing my stomach so much angst. Then, it was mostly fine until meals began to get served on the plane, and the waft of that salt-based chicken seasoning that you have in two minute noodles? Yep, wasn’t the right day for that.

I also had a strange old woman linger near my seat with the stereotypical old woman perfume assaulting my senses.


Anyway, it’s done for the day. Perhaps I’ll share more about the flight from hell with you another time.

Or I’ll repress it …

… either option works for.

20 Locks — September 18, 2018

20 Locks

Pop the Lock • Unlocked 20 locks

Sometimes, the path of least resistance is the right choice. Yes, I absolutely copped out today, but it’s not for a lack of effort! If anything, this next set of 10 locks required a level of concentration and effort that I’m not entirely sure my bedraggled mind and body was ready for.

Today is my penultimate day in Bali, so I’m looking forward to some recalibration time back home, surrounded by my technology and game library. There’s still, of course, the long journey home so I might be able to get some Vita time in on the plane, but right now, I’d be happy with five and a half hours sleep in the air.

10 Locks — September 17, 2018

10 Locks

Pop the Lock • Unlocked 10 locks

I’m not sure what’s happened while I’m on holiday, but my phone has started screaming bloody murder to me about storage space. Sure, I’m giving photo storage a run for its money, but even offloading them each night onto Google Photos still seems to leave me with a razor thin margin for photos.

It was with the view to salvaging some storage space that I decided to see what games I could offload this morning. Pop the Lock was a game that I hadn’t played yet, but it had held a ‘ghost’ icon on my phone screen for the last few days, and I figured it’d be more trouble than it’s worth to keep it. Funnily enough, when I went to have a look at it today, the ghost icon had gone, so I figured I’d give it a quick look before I scorched earth it.

As it turns out, it’s not a bad little puzzle game!

It essentially involves timing a tap in-line with a moving pin that overlays against an icon and then you repeat as many times as necessary, against a target that moves and varying spacers as speed. There is an annoying beat on some of the later levels that requires you to shift fingers to click-away an attempt to make you watch an advertisement for ‘one more chance’, but really it would be just as quick if they let you start again. It’s a small quibble on an otherwise solid little game.

I’m getting onto the home straight of this holiday, so we’ve nearly limited the extent of iOS gaming, but it hasn’t been an altogether ‘bad’ experience. I’ve probably spent some time playing games I otherwise wouldn’t have played, and for that reason I think a week of gaming away from the AAAs is actually a good thing.

Doesn’t mean Spider-Man won’t be the first thing I buy when I get back to my local EB!

100 Taps — September 16, 2018

100 Taps

The Ultimate No Life Test • Muy bien Señor! (Tap 100 times)

I’ve often said that there’s something to be learned in the experience of these ‘quick-and-dirty’ achievements. Even where there’s no real challenge, gaming as a medium has evolved to a point where it should be something that you ‘experience’ beyond static media like film or photography.

So, even tapping a big, red button should invoke an emotion out of you like any other art. And, to be honest, I’ve spent the day at a waterpark with the kids so I’m not convinced I’ve got the energy to have emotions, but I will attest to it being ‘an experience.’

If I’m perfectly honest, my look at the achievement list excited me most as there were options there for the next few days before I go home. I seem to be struggling on a few of my games to earn something quickly, and so I’ll be whittling away at a few levels tonight in order to have some options ‘in the bank,’ but I will be the first to admit – I am absolutely looking forward to getting back to Destiny 2, Spider-Man, and the whole heap of other games I’ve got on the pile of shame to get through!