Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Purchased 5 books • 15G • 12.13% of gamers unlocked this

Another fairly simple one this morning. I only had a little bit of time to get ready for work and get out the door, so I thought that Letter Quest seemed like the pick of my library to grab something from before I had to leave.

Once again, it delivered.

Today was as simple as just buying one more book from the shop – which I already had enough crystals to do, but in true gaming fashion, it took a little longer for the achievement to unlock. I suspect that the game is set to hit-up the Microsoft Server, either at certain intervals or it needed me to play a round (which I did anyway) before it popped, but sure enough, just as I was starting to wonder whether I had stuffed something up, it unlocked.

In other gaming news, I finished the Osiris campaign from Destiny 2 last night. Very, very satisfying it was, if I do say so myself. I feel like this pacing of content is exactly what Bungie had in mind for D2, but nonetheless, the rabid fangs of the internet just couldn’t wait that long, and so many have already abandoned the game – and, may I say, it really is to their detriment.

Sure, there’s still some game mechanics and stuff that I haven’t quite mastered (which look like they’ve been introduced since launch), but give it time and I feel like I could absolutely become a Destiny stalwart. (Judging by my first few games of Iron Banner over the weekend, I could actually be pretty good!)


I Wonder What Was Inside?

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Failed to open 3 treasure chests • 15G • 20.49% of gamers unlocked this

Without going into too many details (this is the Internet after all), today is a pretty special day for me – so while I’d love to spend the day on the couch in my underwear smashing through the limited event on Rocket League, sometimes you need a ‘lite’ game just to tease the brain a little bit and give the ol’ grey matter a quick stretch.

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about Letter Quest, so I’m not intending to wax lyrical about it, but I feel like it fits a niche that I don’t really have easily accessible to me. What does that mean? It’s hard to explain, but most of my (family friendly) ‘puzzle’ games are the likes of The Witness and The Turing Test. Brilliant, brilliant games in their own right, but they require a level of engagement that surpasses what you want to play … sometimes that is.

Perhaps a better way to explain it – sometimes you just want to do the newspaper crossword instead of playing a full game of Monopoly.

I have a surprising assortment of low-hanging fruit (easy achievements) available for me with Letter Quest, so this may not be the last time you’ll see it in these final few weeks of the challenge. At this stage I have a bit of substance in my day tomorrow, so I’m hoping for an achievement that’s a bit ‘meatier’, but time and inclination are always the driver.

And these days, an early night and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep are certainly high on my list of motivators.

‘Oct’oberfest (groan)

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Spelled 5 eight-letter words • 25G • 23.53% of gamers unlocked this

So, I’m in Sydney for the Intel Extreme Masters, but not before I knocked over this achievement around 4.30am. I had to be careful actually, it was very easy to settle in and play a few rounds, but I convinced myself it was better to get a coffee and get to the airport rather than play more games, and considering it was a fairly smooth process from home to boarding, I think I hit the timing sweet-spot.

Funnily enough, I am now playing Letter Quest on the Vita, my Xbox and the PS4 when the mood grabs me. From what I gather, I’m roughly at the same spot across all three platforms, and I don’t particularly have an attachment to any of them, but I thought it funny little word puzzler could be so ubiquitously fun.

I hope to write a bit more about IEM later today, likely on the flight home or in an airport coffee shop, so there’s a good chance that I’ll have a bit of a kink for Counter-Strike by the end of the day.

Well, Counter-Strike and Letter Quest.


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Used 25 plague tiles • 5G • 22.54% of gamers unlocked this

I had hoped to grab this achievement before work this morning – or any achievement from Letter Quest really – but with the pressure of trying to get dressed, eat breakfast and get ready for work, it just wasn’t happening. The approach? Regroup and try again this evening.

The benefit of this approach is that I had a chance to review the achievement list properly, so I’ve managed to find a quick-and-dirty Letter Quest achievement to grab in the morning for my 4am wake up ready to get on a plane to the Intel Extreme Masters a few hours later.

4am is my least favourite of the AMs.

On that note, it’s time for an early night. I have two alarms set and a touch of adrenaline about the event tomorrow, so hopefully it all combines to get me to wake up on time in the morning!

Coffee will get me the rest of the way.

See You In ‘Sept’ember

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Spelled 10 seven-letter words • 10G • 29.45% of gamers unlocked this

I can’t remember the blog entry specifically, but I’m fairly certain at the start of this challenge I made mention of my flighty attitude towards ‘staying the path’ of one particular platform – well, it certainly has been in the past – and that somewhere along the line I ended up turning this challenge into an achievement, any achievement, a day – rather than sticking with one particular console.

Well, I’ve stayed the path this long, and I don’t plan on hitting the abort button just yet, but today my enthusiasm for gaming is pointed in a different direction, specifically Bloodborne. I haven’t even fought my first boss or earned a trophy on it yet, but still – the world, the combat, everything about it has me a bit excited to push forward and get better. Don’t get me wrong – I am terrible, terrible at the Dark Souls formula for gaming, but I am also incredibly stubborn, incredibly smart, and willing to give it a red hot go.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Letter Quest – which I was able to knock an achievement out of during a spare 10 minutes this morning before I left for work. To be clear: I didn’t come up with 10 seven-letter words just this morning, rather I managed to unlock the achievement using the word ORIGAMI (and I forgot to take a screenshot, so then I had to find another word, the above: BASHERS), meaning that I had yielded the other words somewhere along my play history.

Much like my earlier trophy, from My Name is Mayo!, I am really enjoying the small puzzlers at the moment. They suit not-so-much my attention span, but more the availability of time I have to sit down and get a gaming fix. The fact that Xbox doesn’t have a standing portable gaming alternative (excluding Windows 10 / laptop gaming) means that I’m stuck using my phone (which has saved me a couple of times thanks to a couple of Xbox games – many more required!) or the laptop (also saved me) – neither of which have a particularly good long-term gaming form factor.

Bah, I’m sounding like a cantankerous old man. Really, I think I’m trying to justify to myself why I want to play the Vita instead of the Xbox at the moment, but it’s not really a fair apples-to-apples comparison. One requires me to sit on the couch (or nearby) and seperate myself from the family as I engage with the television. The other is more discreet and allows me to suspend, turn off, resume and play with little-to-no effort required.

Plus, only one of these I can take to the bathroom with me.

Speaking of which …

Six Pack

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Spelled 50 six-letter words • 5G • 27.41% of gamers unlocked this

Another Letter Quest achievement today. I thought I’d get the ‘damage done’ achievement, but I can’t remember whether I earned that yesterday or not – but either way this one popped this morning so it’s the one I’m going with.

Nothing else of substance to report today. I have the season finale of Star Trek Discovery to work through and then I might indulge in a spot of Splinter Cell … it’s a quiet day for gaming, heck – I haven’t even had time to play one of my idle clickers!

You, The Master of Unlocking

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Opened a treasure chest with no incorrect guesses • 50G • 17.71% of gamers unlocked this

Banana. That was the word I earned this achievement on, and I think that’s fairly special.

I’ve played quite a bit of Letter Quest, between the Vita and the PlayStation 4, it’s one of those games that are fun to play with the kids around – plus it feels like you’re working your brain at the same time. I’ve never played the remaster though – but, to be honest, this feels like, if not is, the same thing. This morning, I wanted to cap-off at least one of the achievements that I have been working towards in the past 24 hours … and I did, I earned two! But this one seemed like an actual challenge so it earns a place in today’s blog … making Banana not only a delicious afternoon snack, but also my word of the day.

The game of what is, essentially, hangman, was probably made easier through my application of the good old-fashioned technique of going vowels-first. A, E, I, O, U. So, when I started with A and managed to clear most of the entire word, it became apparent quite quickly that Banana was going to be the challenge word, earning me not only some crystals, but a sweet, sweet achievement as well.

I’m kind of glad I went for an achievement this morning actually. The weather is particularly nasty here at the moment, so it seems like it’s a good candidate for a power outage tonight … meaning that I’m somewhat insulated from that eventuality tonight if it happens.

Before all that happens though – I have personal training to go to. I’m just not feeling it today … I’m tired, my muscles are sore, and I’ve still got an afternoon’s worth of work to accomplish.

Someone cue the world’s smallest violin.