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Beginner Winner! — December 3, 2018

Beginner Winner!


Quick Tic-Tac-Toe • Completed 10 games

I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I am that I am so close to finishing the ‘main’ part of RDR2 that I couldn’t land it before midnight, and so while in the middle of the last mission I had to pause it and grab a quick-and-easy achievement on iOS. I am quietly optimistic that there’ll be an RDR2 achievement tomorrow though, so that’s something.

Let’s not get too carried away. This is a fairly basic achievement for a fairly basic level of effort. After already having a few games up my sleeve, it really was a case of smashing out five or six games quickly – Win, Lose or Draw.

And I did a little from all three.

Did I mention tomorrow is a Red Dead achievement? Mega-hype!