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Four’s a Party — December 5, 2018

Four’s a Party

Brawlhalla • Played 3 games in the Free-for-All matchmaking queue • 15G • 25.18% of gamers unlocked this

I played some Brawhalla earlier this year when visiting in-laws, and it looked like a fun free-to-play game for mainstream console owners who missed the frenzied combat of Super Smash Bros. It was easy enough for my son to play, largely attributable to its simple controls of move, jump and attack, and some slight variations on those themes, and I like to set him as the benchmark for what he should and shouldn’t be in the lounge room watching the TV for.

I got another achievement essentially just for logging in, so I figured that a few games wouldn’t go astray. In the space of three games I managed to come last, second last and then second! There’s certainly room for growth!

Right now though, I’m falling asleep writing this entry – so I that makes a brilliant idea.

Survivor — October 15, 2018


Another World • From bad to worse • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 62.0% (Common)

I feel like Another World has been around on PlayStation for a long time. It has always seemed to be marketed for a nostalgic gaming audience that never really hit my demographic. I, for one, have never seen the game before in my life, and so I’m certain somewhere out there is either a very happy sub-set of gamers who finally can revel in a remake of one of their favourite all-time games … or there’s a fat marketing executive laughing all the way to the bank for pulling off a great scam at the expense of the consumer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a little from both column A and B.

This is a tricky game, and I’m not sure if I can quite decide whether I like it or not yet. I think the premise lies in constant death and quick reload, making changes as you go through to your strategy in order to ‘be better’ next time around, which is normally a strategy I don’t mind, but it might be a case of either being too tricky, or just not my cup of tea. I haven’t decided yet … what I do know is that if I ever get to the end of this game, it’ll likely be thanks to a walkthrough or other internet guide.

Now I have my trophy out of the way, I plan on heading back to Destiny 2 for a little while and just grabbing some engrams and things to keep the wolves-from-the-door. I’m still not sure whether to dedicate some time to my Xbox or my PC characters, but in either case – I am still enjoying the thrill-of-the-hunt.


Hurry Up! — October 10, 2018

Hurry Up!

Minefield • Finish the game under 10 seconds • Silver Trophy • Rarity 9.9% (Very Rare)

Today I struck while the iron was hot and grabbed a trophy before I left for work this morning. I had anticipated grabbing a trophy for one of the ‘larger’ Minefield maps, but in my haste to get a trophy and get out the door I kept … well … I kept stuffing it up.

In the end, I reverted back to a smaller map and went for broke to get a sub-10 second finish … and, like most things in my life, I got it done earlier than I needed to.

Thus ends today’s Dad joke.

I’m a bit excited tonight, because my wife has proposed another rewatch of The West Wing, which we tend to do about once every 12-18 months. I still think it’s hard to beat in terms of great television.

And it, hands down, beats contemporary real world politics.

Back in the Slammer — October 8, 2018

Back in the Slammer

Marvel’s Spider-Man • Take down each Prisoner Camp • Silver Trophy • Rarity 28.7% (Rare)

Today I actually earned a small handful of 0G achievements from Forza Horizon 3 (the Australian one, not the recent one, FH4, set in the UK) identified as being a part of #Forzathon (sic), but given that I can’t actually pinpoint whether this is a real thing that’s happening at the moment or rather it’s part of a glitch (as it seems to have been in the past), I felt it safe to stick with one of my Spider-Man trophies that I earned as part of the ongoing trophy clean-up.

As part of my clean-up, I only actually had one Prisoner stronghold left to complete, and by now I’ve gotten the combat down to a fairly good art, so this didn’t take too long. In the past 48 hours I think I’ve successfully managed to clear-out the R&D labs, taken down Taskmaster, and the rest of the base-style achievements.

Not bad for a day’s work.

There are a couple of ‘hidden’ trophies which I’m hoping will form part of the side missions – of which I have hardly completed any, so I’m slowly going to start grinding my way through them now. Perhaps my biggest worry on this front is that the trophies are going to require ‘perfection’ in some of the bigger challenges – all of which I can do ‘OK’, but I typically fall short of earning three-stars … so soon enough it’s going to be a case of comparing complete trophy lists with the ones I have already earned.

Talk about a first-world problem.

Right now though, I have a new Xbox controller for use with my PC, so I’ve downloaded a couple of games that work with the controller to give it a spin. The backup Logitech wired PC controller has been relegated to the bottom drawer – while it’s functional, it’s far from comfortable … and I’m not getting any younger! Of course, I’ve been a console gamer for so long it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to use a controller on PC if-and-when that opportunity presents itself.

Borderlands, however is one game that does. It has just finished downloading, so with that in mind – I think it’s a good place to start.

End Game — October 7, 2018

End Game


Marvel’s Spider-Man • Complete Act 3 • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 46.8% (Rare)

What. An. Ending. My goodness, I know I love a good narrative game, but everything from the final battle to the emotional roller-coaster of a conclusion was just … wow. It’s funny, how in light of the Telltale closure(s) over the past few weeks, the only real people I’ve seen hustling for jobs have been the writers – perhaps because it’s such a crowded market and opportunities are already thin-on-the-ground, but when you see stories deliver like Spider-Man, or any of the Telltale series, really, you often don’t think about how well written the damn thing is.

The PS4 Spider-Man writing staff at Insomniac should be very proud to include this on their CV.


There was a short warning, as there often is in these kind of games, warning that there would be no final chances to upgrade gear before the final battle, but it seemed like my general understanding of the combat mechanics and basic moves was enough to get me through in the end. Learning how to throw, duck and punch is really the three basics of the final battle, but having a sense of traversal doesn’t go astray for keeping your health up as well.

Spoilers follow …
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Grounded — October 6, 2018


Marvel’s Spider-Man • Defeat Electro and Vulture • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 54.4% (Common)

I won’t lie: I’ve played quite a bit of Spider-Man this evening. I feel like I’m on the home straight with the game, having defeated four out of the six main bosses – and, much like this trophy, they seem to come two-at-a-time … so I’ll see whether that plays out the same as I barrel towards end-game.

But moreso than story progress, I have to say – I think I am more than a little addicted to photo mode. Much like Uncharted 4, I think I have doubled the playtime length getting through the game, as I pause to take what I think are excellent shots. Only in the last 24 hours though, have I discovered ‘stickers’ … which are a bit unnecessary in an otherwise awesome game … but I can see how an astute digital artist might be able to have a bit of fun with them. Perhaps I’ll flex those particular muscles post-game.

Right now I’ve taken a spare ten minutes out of my day to write up this blog entry, but I’m so close to the end I’m really just itching to get back to it. On that note, allow me to ‘thwip‘ out of here!



Quest Completed — October 5, 2018

Quest Completed

Sparkle 2 • Complete your quest • Silver Trophy • Rarity 29.1% (Rare)

I am unapologetic in my love of mindless little puzzle games on the PlayStation Vita. Handheld gaming in general is a huge boon for someone like me. In fact, if the Nintendo Switch had a half-decent achievement system, I could say with some certainty that this would soon be my platform-of-choice.

However, it doesn’t, and it’s not … and so I am left working through some titles from Sony’s “legacy” system … which, after all these years is still going strong.

A little after midnight, I pushed through to finish the “campaign” of the bubble-come-puzzler, Sparkle 2, that felt a need to try and map some kind of story to the overall journey. I suppose it’s a good a goal as any, albeit unnecessary – the journey itself was never a real driver to finish … if I knew there was a set 100 levels, then I would just work towards that goal. Nonetheless, I’m not a game developer, nor am I particularly creative, and so I play the games as-they-come.

Look … I’m not ashamed to say I bloody loved this game. For all of its whimsy, it has solid mechanics and cuts-away any ‘fluff’. It has just the right balance of tension and reward, and it is well-paced in terms of difficulty curve. Something like Sparkle 2 is a good example of what can be achieved when you stop trying to over-engineer a title and just perfect the basics. You won’t find any Call of Duty-style arguments about the length of the campaign here … it is a game about combining small, colourful balls … and that’s it.

Well done to 10 Ton for having the balls to stick with a good concept and doing it well.

There is a challenge mode that seems to be seperate to the main ‘campaign’ which I might be able to have a go at over the weekend – but for now, I’m happy that I got to the end, and I plan to enjoy the catharsis that comes with ‘finishing’ a game.