Qora • View the Valley Telepathy Sequence

In all honesty, the marketing materials for this game made me think it was something entirely different. There is a game on Vita which involves little more than just walking around on a 16-bit island as the seasons change, which – judging by the brief background images on the Steam library page, this could easily pass for.


As it turns out, this is rather a slow moving platform puzzler that probably doesn’t quite move at a satisfying pace for my gaming appetite. I mean … would it kill them to include a ‘run’ mechanic? The protagonist would have to be the slowest-moving little white blob I’ve played in a game – and I’ve played a few.

What will probably kill this game for me is that it doesn’t have a quick save and exit function. As I grew increasingly bored with the game (I pushed through as far as I did just to get a few achievements), I went to exit and – well, it told me my progress would be lost.


Lost … on a game that moves as slow as this? Ah, no thanks. I’m not a ‘complete in one sitting’ guy at the best of times … let alone on Slowly McSlowface over here.


Don’t hold your breath for a return to Qora on this blog. I mean, nothing is impossible, but I’m certainly leaning towards the improbable. The game itself is easy enough, but it’s also not something that I can easily whip through on a lunchbreak. The burn is far too slow for my liking.