MVP Exterminator


Ragnarok Clicker • Kill 1,000 MVP Bosses

Well, even I’ll admit that I didn’t think I’d be advancing my clicker career quite that quickly, but having sated my Clicker Heroes appetite, I logged into Ragnarok Clicker to see what I could do in terms of progress today, and sure enough, there was a few easy-picking achievements to grab, and so, being the weak-willed man that I am, with no sense of self-control – I lashed out and grabbed them!

This one was for killing 1,000 bosses, which are essentially the bad guys that appear every five levels in the game. And every other clicker game for that matter. Only this time, I get an achievement for killing 1,000 of them. Sure, it’s no ‘ascend 50 times’, but I thought it was a nice little milestone worthy of celebrating during an otherwise ‘clicky’ sort of day!


Trend Setter


Ragnarok Clicker • Transcend the world 3 times

My addiction to transcension continues today, finally landing enough gold to transcend for a third time on Ragnarok Clicker. Having done a bit of a Google to understand how the concept of transcension works, I have a bit of a better idea now – the main concept being that transcending makes it easier to get to higher levels faster, surpassing them a little bit each time. It’s a novel concept, and I haven’t worked out the quickest path to achieve a good rate of return, but I like that I was able to learn a little more about a game format that I quite like.

This weekend is a free-play weekend for Wildlands on PS4, so I downloaded that overnight to see whether it’s worth doing a Platinum-run on that. I spent some time this morning detaching my old PlayStation login from my Ubisoft Club (the old ‘UPlay’) account and adding on my new ID. I think I’m in a place now where I’m a little sad about seeing all those trophies go, and it feels more like a death than a divorce, but I think it’s fair to say that Sony isn’t going to do anything about it. Even if they patch in the use of a different field for usernames, it will forever be tied to your original, or legacy, username – and I’d rather something I’m happy with than something that has given me a touch of angst.

Otherwise, it’s the freakin’ weekend here, so I’m off to grab my Xbox achievement and then mix-it-up a bit between the rest of my gaming platforms.

So many games, such little time to play them.

Third Class Leveler


Ragnarok Clicker • Beat Level 140

I did it! I am finally back past the threshold that I stupidly fell short of last time, and am now rocketing past level 140! My idle gold collecting was still happening way too slow to make any serious progress on levelling up my heroes – or, more importantly, buying a new one. But some strategic thinking about my boosts – namely doubling up on my 2x DPS boost (assumedly making it 4x?) and clicking the hell out of the mouse got me across the line in the end.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

And so, now we grind for a bit longer. Much longer. There is literally an achievement for passing level 3,400 so I imagine we’ll be here for a bit longer yet.

Click, click, click.

Sore Finger


Ragnarok Clicker • Click 10,000 times

I am so, so close to level 140, but no matter how much I boost some of my characters and set all my boosts to run at the same time, I just can’t get over the line to 140. Even with all that and my index finger doing largely inappropriate mouse clicks in the office while I’m hunched over a screen is questionable – but I get to choose Ragnarok Clicker as today’s achievement, because in my flurry of blows to the small witchetty grub at level 139, I managed to unlock the achievement for clicking 10,000 times.

Let me preface this by saying – I dactually haven’t managed to click that often and that frequently. For the most part, most of my more benign gaming is kept to business hours – or certainly lunchbreaks – which is book-ended by real-world work in the meantime. I wish I had more time to play games!

Tonight I have a bit of a choice to make – whether I get stuck into the deliciously character-driven Batman (from Telltale), or whether to go tried-and-true with something like Borderlands.

Decisions, decisions …

Lemme Upgrade Ya


Ragnarok Clicker • Get 200 adventurer upgrades

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Another clicker.’ Well bad luck, Donald Duck, I. Bloody. Love. Them. I’m still not sure what Ragnarok is … I know it’s the title of a Thor film, but that’s about it. I also don’t really care that much – for me, Ragnarok Clicker is more about the cute aesthetic rather than any great story or literary connection. I like the characters. I like upgrading my characters and I like the sweet, sweet satisfaction of killing bad guys by – essentially – doing nothing but building up an army of soldiers that do the work for me. There’s a reason that clickers are so good … and it’s because it scratches that itch of accomplishment while never actually – and I suppose it’s a crude analogy – treating the infection that is causing the rash in the first place. It’s deliberately endless, and that requires some willpower to be able to bail from the game when you’ve had enough of it.

Of course, that’s great in theory. Thanks to Steam Cloud Saves, I’ve been able to pick up on the likes of Clicker Heroes a year or two after first playing and suck down a big pile of idle gold goodness.

Today was as much about progress than anything else. I did a bit of a shop around the Ragnarok achievements before launching the game, and while I’m still a bit bitter about transcending a level or two before the next achievement, I’m also making good progress against a range of other achievements – so I’m willing to just keep checking in and clocking-up upgrades and gold as needed, and earning the achievements when I do. Today was my 200th character upgrade, which – again, if I hadn’t transcended – would probably have come along eventually through progress, but letting bygones be bygones lets me earn this achievement today and tick it off my list of things to do!

Tonight is a free-er night, so I’m going to make one final push for progress in Sea of Thieves and then (most likely) head back to something Tom Clancy (either The Division or Ghost Recon).



Ragnarok Clicker • Transcend the world 1 time

So, it turns out I did something stupid. Rather than just taking a simple look at the achievement list to see if there was something more easily … well, achievable, I hit the ‘transcend’ button looking for a quick-and-painless achievement.

I also hit that button at Level 139, when there was another achivement ready-and-waiting for me at Level 140.

In the wise words of Homer J. Simpson: D’oh!

Anyway, what’s done is done, and I earned an achivement that I would have earned sooner-or-later anyway. I do thoroughly enjoy working my way through these clickers at the moment – they are good mindless entertainment to have on in the background while I’m busy at my nine-to-five.

Speaking of which – there’s plenty to do today, so I’m back to the grind!

High Class Leveler


Ragnarok Clicker • Beat Level 120

I thought I was doing well on Insanity Clicker today as I did my brief whip through the four or five clickers I have on rotation. I managed to score myself an achievement for clicking 10,000 times, but as it turns out it was just an in-game achievement that yields a slightly improved DPS outcome, but otherwise doesn’t account for much on my Steam profile.

Before I pushed on with the next clicker on my list, Ragnarok, I did a scroll through the next closest achievement on the list and saw that I was only 5-6 levels away from earning this one. Well, after a weekend of passive gold earning, it was easy enough to buy a few heroes beyond my current level and smash through the final stages to break the 120.

I think Passive Gaming is one of the world’s greatest inventions. For me, my love of it started in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, where you could earn money on missions while offline – but it’s certainly carried forward since then. Clickers are just much more overt about that being their core game mechanic.