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Mad world! — November 30, 2018

Mad world!

Rayman Legends • Complete the “Mariachi Madness” painting • 10G • 14.27% of gamers unlocked this

Believe it or not, I actually scored myself two achievements in Red Dead Redemption 2 today … and I got some pretty good screenshots to match! But it is this achievement, in Rayman Legends, which I’ve decided to celebrate today – for no other reason than the simple fact that I managed to setup the blog post for this one first.

It is great that a family game like this can still surprise me. My son loves to ‘play’ Rayman, but it’s inevitable that he finds a bit too hard and he passes the controller to me … to the point where I end up just playing the entire game, so as a result, I’ve started doing it exclusively on my Xbox account (can’t miss an achievement opportunity), and when (and this is unlikely) he wants to play it solo, he does so in his account. The structure of the game in that they are short, sharp levels rather than a linear experience makes this perfect for this style of play, and – so far – it’s worked well for us.

Tomorrow is a busy ‘family’ day, so it might be a quicker, easier, mobile achievement if-and-when time permits. Wait-and-see.

Gardener — November 26, 2018


Rayman Legends • Pull 100 turnips out of the ground • 10G • 15.15% of games unlocked this

My son and I have been going through some of my old YouTube videos this week, and one of them was my attempt at the perfect run of the ‘Black Betty’ level of Rayman Legends, which, naturally, prompted a childhood urge to play it again.

Well, I can tell you now that the urge doesn’t really change between the age of five and thirty something years senior.

My first inclination was just to have a mindless romp through Rayman, but I was tempted with a look at the achievement list to see what was close, and so this one naturally stood out as being ‘nearly complete.’ And so, I did what any good achievement hunter would do … I started to grind. I knew the early levels would be a good starting place, and sure enough, the first level itself has a spot right near the start where you can grab 2-3 turnips really easily, so after a few minutes I managed to unlock this achievement, and – finally – mix up my streak a bit from the past week.

Side bonus: it’s good to be back playing Rayman.

I am away with work for the next couple of days, so I’m not sure what or where I’m going to plan in regards to an achievement – but I know I’m an innovative sort of chap, so I’ll certainly give it a red hot go!

Might be time to polish up the Vita.

Survivor! — July 19, 2018


Rayman Origins • Survived a Piranha Pond without a scratch!

I’ve played a lot of Rayman in various forms over the years – but it’s been so on-and-off I haven’t really worked towards a particular trophy. Between different accounts and different games, it’s always been much more of a casual pleasure than on steady rotation, and so when I was playing around tonight and this trophy popped, it seemed like a good a time as any to celebrate.

Ironically, for the hours I’ve put into the game I still don’t consider myself very good! Every time I attempt one of the timed runs (for another one of the little purple creatures) I fall just short or fail miserably. Que Sera, Sera.

Grabbing this trophy frees me up a bit tonight, so I’m thinking a bit more Fortnite or something more shooty bangs on the fixture.

Either way, flexibility is good – as good as a nostalgic walk down memory lane with a good ol’ Vita game to keep you company.

Junior Journalist  — October 6, 2017

Junior Journalist 

Rayman 3 HD • Take your first picture in the game • 10G • 19.82% of gamers unlocked this

And now for something completely different: I managed to get about half an hour this evening with Rayman 3, one of this month’s Games with Gold. My, how things have obviously changed – Rayman was apparently not always a sexy cartoon cell-shaded 2D side scroller, instead operating in the league of Crash Bandicoot and Banjo-Kazooie. I don’t know who in Ubisoft decided to make the change when they did, but I thank them for it. I know this game is old, but I don’t think it’s aged particularly well. 

I couldn’t see any quick achievements to earn from playing Rayman 3 other than this one tonight, but sure enough, not long after I earned it another progress-related one popped and I wasted what could have been a quick-and-dirty one. Nothing particularly hard about this one. Push a button, take a photo, achievement pop. 

So, that brings me to the end of the week. Let’s not bang-on for the sake of hanging on. I have the final episode of The Newsroom to watch!

Crusher! — October 8, 2013


Rayman Origins • PlayStation Vita

Another Rayman Origins trophy this morning, and a testament to how much gaming I would miss out on if I didn’t have a Vita!

This one was for crushing 50 enemies, which – depending on your play style – is actually fairly easy in Rayman, particularly in the later levels. I think I’m on the home straight with the ‘core’ Rayman story, as the level select screen has pretty much filled up, and I’m about to start the ‘Cloud’ levels up in the sky. It looks like there are a few quick-and-easy trophies to score once the game is finished (such as replaying a level, or playing a level with a different character), so I’ll try and polish off a few of these before I put Rayman down for good.

Scout — October 7, 2013


Rayman Origins • PlayStation Vita

Another Rayman trophy, this morning’s for finding 10 hidden cages scattered throughout the levels. This isn’t overly complicated, even when I miss what appears to be half of the hidden levels.

I’ve finished a couple of Rayman’s ‘Acts’ (for want of a better term) since starting, including a desert and a polar level, and there is a great palate going on that makes it a harmless little bit of fun. I’m enjoying Rayman.

Betilla’s Back! — October 6, 2013

Betilla’s Back!

Rayman Origins • PlayStation Vita

This one was an early morning trophy as I worked on Rayman Origins in the wee hours of the morning. I had never really had a go at the Rayman series, but I saw some demos of the new Rayman on the Wii U at PAX Australia, and figured that I better fill that long-voided title from my gaming repertoire. Shame, Ben. Shame.

This is an early achievement, which is awarded after the first basic level. I’m still not entirely sure what the story to Rayman Origins is, but it seems like the idea is to rescue these non-descript purple dots from witches and general nasties from a forest.

It’s a good little title, but I’m getting nowhere near the number of little yellow firefly-esque things which convert into purple dots at the end of a level. This might require a re-play, which is probably quite easy on a commute, but we’ll wait and see how Rayman stacks up against the flurry of new titles coming to your local gaming concern.