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FINISH HIM — December 12, 2018


Mortal Kombat X • Perform 1 Fatality in a match • 5G • 69.48% of gamers unlocked this

It used to be that fatalities were the enigma in Mortal Kombat. They were a clever sequence of buttons and combinations that would be passed on around the arcade, or in my case, the camping ground. If you were lucky, one of the few gaming magazines you were allowed to buy might have had a special on your fighter-of-choice and offered up the special combination, but even then it relied on the finesse to be able to pull off the combo while your $2 was on the line.

These days, it seems, you hold the right trigger and push the X button.

I know that there’s some more elaborate fatalities available in MKX, but really, I’m not going to bother learning any of them when the LT+X gets me the achievement all the same. I’m not an overly complex guy … I like the path of least resistance, and this is it.

I had a go at the story mode briefly, but I couldn’t see anywhere to lower the difficulty setting, so I parked that for the time being. It’s not like the story (the first few levels I played) offered overly complicated fights, but – harking back to my simplicity – I wanted an easy win. If the mood grabs me later in life I might have a go at the story, but to be honest it’s a fighting game … ten titles deep and I’m not really caring about the narrative.

Nichboy posted a tweet about his love of Ashen earlier today, which has made me even more enthusiastic to give it a go, but timing tonight just didn’t work out. Expect this to make an appearance this week, or at the latest, the weekend, for some initial thoughts.

And so, we enter the time of the year where game cleanup reigns supreme … and here I am still trying to finish the goddamn chicken mission on Idle Heroes.

Endless Summer — December 9, 2018

Endless Summer

Red Dead Redemption 2 • You completed the Epilogue • 20G • 15.72% of gamers unlocked this

Roll Credits. What a ride. What a goddamn ride. And, yes, the pun is somewhat intended – but my God, Rockstar have managed to pull together an almighty journey that is a simply AAA in scope. Sure, there are a couple of flat bits here-and-there, and the Epilogue could have successfully been cut in half (though I suspect parts of this were to train players for future aspects of Red Dead Online – ie. ‘ranch building’), but all-in-all, I have simply delighted in the journey of Arthur, Dutch, John et. al. from start to finish.


The final mission is, of course, the chaos you’d come to expect from a finale, and it helps both bring RDR2’s story full circle, while setting it up for the original, which comes later, but … you know what I mean. The story is strong with this one.

I’m keen to get into some online now, but the joy of having finished RDR2 means that it’s also a good chance to have a break. I would like to whip around and do a proper achievement clean-up, but at the same time, it’s good for the soul to take a break from time-to-time. Short version: I don’t know where I’m at or what I play on doing now, but I’m sure I’ll do something.

First port of call involves an early night’s sleep though … Heaven knows I could do with one!

Congrats! — December 7, 2018



AIDEN • Quest 1 Completed

I don’t know what it is about the use of small, young girls in video games to invoke a sense of terror. I suspect it has something to do with The Shining, the Grady Daughters and their impact on the horror genre, but in any case – I can say with some authority that being the dad of a small, young girl … I think they earn the moniker of being utterly terrifying.

I don’t know what AIDEN is about. I just don’t know. It seems to be a puzzle-lite game, but the motivation behind the protagonist needing to escape, what looks to be a school, is really left up to one’s imagination, at least in the early stages. There is a note in the first room that gives you a brief overview of someone escaping, but that’s it really. I don’t really know, but I suspect this is more of a student project than a genuine indie release. The ‘first puzzle’ involves finding something crowbar-esque and then opening a door to find a key. Once you leave this room, you then find yourself confronted with the aforementioned terrifying girl, who says something about the thing at the back of the class not agreeing (or something like that), and when you turn to see the end of the school hallway, you are promptly killed by … a thing.


I suspect that the low number of achievements in this game account for what should be a series of short, sharp puzzles designed for completion in a single playthrough. It seems like multiple deaths to uncover the ‘perfect’ run is where this game slots itself in terms of game mechanics, and that’s fine – I look forward to the challenge of 100%’ing it – but I certainly won’t be bending over backwards to recommend it as a source of AAA-level quality.

As I say: Every game is an experience.

Welcome to the club buddy — December 1, 2018

Welcome to the club buddy


Africa Hunting • Start the game

I can’t work out if this game, Africa Hunting, is supposed to be racist, funny, or a little from both column A and B … but in either event, the game was a 9MB download that had eight achievements – all of which I earned at exactly 1.17pm. I think that probably tells you all you need to know about the complexity of this game.


Still, I’m thankful for games like this, because it offers me twenty minutes of escapism, gives me some achievements, isn’t a huge download and it allows me to tick off my achievement for today. Everybody wins! Tonight is our local Carols by Candlelight, so there’s a good chance that I’ll be home too late to play a game and write a blog entry, so I’m pleased that I was able to lock-in this one today.

Ho, ho, ho.

He’s Just Misunderstood — November 28, 2018

He’s Just Misunderstood


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition • Side with Tsolak the vampire

I am finally home, which is lovely – but in my absence, my wife has started a new show on TV (something with ‘Bold’ in the title … about a bunch of young up-and-comers working on a fashion magazine), so she has settled in in-front of the TV tonight, and I’ve migrated to the study to play something on the computer. Just so happens to be one of my favourite childhood games in Baldur’s Gate.


I feel like there was an achievement path either way I went with this particular story arc, but – in the spirit of D&D – I just chose answers that seemed thematically appropriate for my character, and as a result, ended up ‘siding’ with the vampire and killing his pursuers. It did net me a nice ‘brooch’ later in the game … which I could testify to if I could work out where the brooch actually was and whether what I think it could be is actually it. If it is it … then it’s not really a good perk to have any way, so thank goodness there was an achievement involved to make it worthwhile.

After a day of travelling, I’m glad BG dropped an achievement early for me. I’ve very much ready for an early night, and this gives me the opportunity to do so. Zero regrets getting under the doona a touch early.

Battery Powered — September 6, 2018

Battery Powered


Unium • Solve “Battery” by overlapping the line twice

I felt a bit bad continuing to play a lot of ‘new’ puzzle games, without necessarily going back to some of the other games that I’d started in order to grab the quick-and-dirty achievements, and so I made a commitment to start revisiting some of these titles that have nothing mechanically wrong with them, but I’ve never really had the time or inclination to finish them.

First cab-off-the-rank was Unium, the strange fill-in-the-blanks game that resembles the love child of Snake and any Maze ever. I didn’t just want to grab a ‘progress’ achievement (which I did, but it was simply called ‘Easy’ which felt a bit cheap for today’s post), so I reviewed the achievement list to see what other opportunities there were for a quick achievement that had a bit more ‘meat’ to it.


Part of the Unium achievement list is a whole raft of levels that require some special completion requirements. Most of the levels from what I could tell seemed to be based in the later, harder stages, but the Battery level was conveniently placed in the ‘Easy’ list, which I had been steadily working my way through – so by virtue of convenience, this achievement was first.

Look, I’ll be honest, this is not a matter of just whipping out a quick win … there is actually some effort required in order to meet the requirements of this achievement – which is why I placed some stock in it more than the aforementioned ‘complete 10 easy levels’ one. There is genuinely some ‘meat on the bone’ of this one.

Tonight, well, you’ve probably guessed by now … more Destiny 2. I finally got a chance to complete the first level with my new PC Warlock last night – boosted to Level 30 thanks to the free character boost thrown in with the new expansion … it has helped me build a nice character portfolio that I can chip away at milestones and the other in-game achievements with slowly but surely. I haven’t quite forgotten my Xbox career either, but I’m very much hoping that the executive sway of the likes of Mike Ybarra can make some magic happen when it comes to cross-save and/or cross-play.

If wishing could make it so …

Taste of hometown — September 3, 2018

Taste of hometown


21 Days • eat Halal food

Back to the grind this week after a sensational weekend away playing esports and … oh, yes, I’m banging on again about that, aren’t I? Well, today is the first time I haven’t been about to fall asleep while I’m writing (or gaming!) and I decided to venture back to 21 Days to grab some low-hanging fruit of an achievement, not just because I’m getting snowed-under at work, but also because it’s nice to chip away at a game with a story from time-to-time and not just abandon it like 99.9% of my Steam game library!


This achievement was easy enough. One of the key survival indicators on the game is a ‘hunger’ field, which needs to be treated in order to keep your protagonist kicking along. The in-game cafe has a few different food choices to balance out your cash-to-hunger ratio, but – if I’m perfectly honest – I went by what I’d like to eat, and being a big fan of kebabs, I felt like eating four of them hit the sweet-spot.

Tonight is a training night, so I’ll be out-and-about for a little while, but I’m also continuing my Destiny 2 grind for a little longer in anticipation of Forsaken.

For the record: still no regrets about PC gaming.